Ornamental Tubing

Ornamental Stainless Tubing

STPI is one of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers of stainless steel ornamental tubing. Often called “stainless steel decorative tube,” this tubing is purely decorative and not suitable for pipeline applications where any fluids are being transported.

All ornamental tubing is manufactured in accordance with ASTM A554 standards and produced only using raw materials from approved steel suppliers.


All testing required by ASTM A554 and our customers is done inline by the tube mill operator. These tests ensure that all fabrication and surface finish requirements are met. Destructive tests are also performed at regular intervals and tubing is 100% inline eddy current tested. Once the tube has passed our rigorous quality standards it then proceeds to any secondary operations such as finishing, de-burring, or cutting.


STPI prides itself in our high quality finishes. Our quality is achieved through the use of our exclusively designed buffing and polishing lines. We currently offer the following finishes:

  • As-Welded
  • Buffed
  • Classic ( Our highest quality buff)
  • 180 grit Polish
  • 240 grit  Polish
  • 320 grit Polish
  • Scotch-Brite®

Additionally finishes can be mixed and custom matching of existing finishes is possible.


Our cutting department offers high quality, tight tolerance cut parts, all of which are wire brush deburred. Whether it is multiple pieces or several thousand parts, we have the capability for your cutting job.

Regardless of your project needs, our experienced tubing professionals can provide you with a reliable solution and exceptional service.

To learn more about our ornamental tubular products, call 704-883-8883 or use our contact form.


Stainless Steel Tubing

Ornamental Tubing Sizes

STPI offers ornamental tubing in sizes 0.250 to 2.50 inches OD and wall thickness from 0.020 to 0.120 inches, as well as custom sizes.

Ornamental Tubing Alloys

STPI offers ornamental tubing products in a variety of alloys, including 304/304L, 316/316L, 409, 201, copper and copper-clad steel.