Pressure Tubing

Southeast Tubular manufacturers high quality pressure tubing for a variety of applications. Our pressure tubing is designed to carry fluids, air or other gases under higher atmospheric pressure. It comes in a variety of sizes and alloys and in both coiled and straight lengths. Tubing is produced to a variety of ASTM Standards including A269, A249, and A789.

Our Process

It starts with sourcing only the highest quality raw materials from domestic sources. After verification, the raw material is converted into tubular shape on our custom built tubing mills. The utmost attention to detail is taken during this process as team members monitor dimensional attributes and weld penetration.  A post weld  heat treatment is applied to insure the utmost strength and corrosion resistance. Redundant defect and length monitoring takes place throughout the process with the use of double length counters and Eddy current testing.

Continuous Length- Welded Stainless Tubing

One of the capabilities that sets Southeast Tubular apart from our competition is the ability to produce long continuous lengths. We can produce small diameter tubing in continuous coils up to 100,000′ in length. We stock a  variety of ready to ship coils in common sizes and lengths.

Straight Length- Welded Stainless Tubing

Southeast Tubular also has the ability to manufacture stainless tubing in straight lengths up to 40 Feet. Products are made in a bright annealed condition and are Eddy current tested inline. Each tube is then line marked with pertinent information for tracing purposes. Various mechanical test are then performed according to ASTM requirements to ensure weld integrity.


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Pressure Tubing Alloys

STPI offers pressure tubing products in a variety of alloys, including 304/304L, 316/316L, 2205, and 825.

Pressure Tubing Sizes

STPI offers pressure tubing in sizes 0.250 to 1.000 inches OD and wall thickness from 0.020 to 0.085 inches, as well as custom sizes.